Rebecca Taylor

Rebecca Taylor, Head of Client Solutions, is our in-house RTW specialist who has worked on continuous development of the RTW Assessment since its conception.

Rebecca has spent the past 5 years working with stakeholders at each end of the supply chain to understand the frustration and complexities of the relationship between brands and their supply base.

Rebecca has substantial experience as a specialist in ethical and sustainable business practices. During Rebecca's work within the industry, she has gained a strong understanding of international labor standards and working conditions.

I work with stakeholders at each end of the value chain encouraging organisations and their suppliers to go beyond compliance, creating greater transparency around the real practices and processes throughout their chain by harnessing the worker voice.

At Responsible Trade Worldwide we work collaboratively with our clients towards the objective of creating ethical and transparent supply chains where worker mistreatment, slavery, and poor working conditions are finally eradicated, and a thing of the past.



Management and employee responses gathered via online or phone-based multi-lingual assessments are linked to HR metrics and industry benchmarks.


Your combined top-down, bottom-up view pinpoints risk and opportunities relating to organisational costs and behaviours, ensuring a clear insight of the current state.


Reporting is clear, easy-to-use and customisable via our visual dashboard, bringing customers' most valuable information to the fore.

what our customers are saying

The RTW Assessment was quick and easy to implement and achieved a response rate of 75% of our workforce, with employee feedback showing that it was clear, quick and easy to complete.

We were so pleased with the service that we conducted the RTW Assessment in all of our business units the following year.
Working with Responsible Trade Worldwide enabled us to exceed our existing position within one of our customer’s sustainability framework, and achieve our highest level standard to date due to the uptake and positive response achieved.