The RTW Assessment is our premiere assessment which enables organisations to achieve greater transparency around the working conditions within their workplace.

The RTW Assessment was developed in line with existing labour standards, and social sustainability factors to give employees a voice, enabling them to confidentially, and anonymously share their thoughts, feelings and views about their employer, and the environment in which they work.

By comparing and contrasting data captured through the worker via our ‘Worker Satisfaction Assessment’, with established business practices and metrics sourced through management via our ‘Employer Metrics Assessment’, a 360 degree view of an organisation is formed, creating tangible figures, costs and industry benchmarks linked to practices and processes, highlighting areas of people and financial risk as well as potential business opportunities.

the rtw assessment EXPLAINED

Below are the two parts of the RTW assessment, which both need to be completed within the specificed time-frame.

The Employer Metrics Assessment

The Employer Metrics Assessment should be completed by a member of the management team, the assessment includes a series of questions linked to employee demographics and business practices. 

The survey captures data linked to the HR functions of your organisation, which we pair with up-to-date, industry specific data, to provide you with a set of industry benchmark-able metrics.


Our multi-lingual Worker Satisfaction Assessment allows workers to confidentially and anonymously share their thoughts, feelings and views about their employer and the surroundings in which they work. 

The assessment captures the worker voice across People, Operational and Sustainability practices within their organisation, with questions linked to existing ethical and operational standards, producing industry-benchmarked data, shining a light on the culture of an organisation, providing actionable insight to enable performance improvements and mitigate organisational risks.

Post Assessment

On completion of the RTW Assessment all results are available online enabling organisations to quickly and easily access their results in a variety of formats, at an overall, or question specific level, via a reporting and bench-marking dashboard. 

Responsible Trade Worldwide work with you to review the data collated throughout the RTW Assessment, identifying trends, required development, areas of risk and excellence. Unlike other compliance-based audits and assessments, our service goes beyond an indication of risk areas to actionable insight. We take an active role in supporting our customers’ journey from recognising key risks to implementing strategic and operational improvements.

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