Course Details


NO. OF DELEGATES:  Up to 12 per session

WHO IS IT FOR? Suitable for all staff and managers – anyone needing to build on their conflict awareness, prevention & resolution skills.

LOCATION: UK - at your preferred venue.

BESPOKE: Each course can be customised to your specific company needs and policies.


Our 1-day conflict management programme allows delegates to reflect on how they interact with others and how they can adapt this to prevent hostile conflict situations from occurring. Should a conflict situation arise, this course will also provide delegates with the skills and confidence to tackle it effectively by taking a step-by-step approach. It is a highly practical, experiential course and will focus on real-life, relevant situations to get the best results. 


Course Outline

This course is a good all round introduction to early, effective and efficient conflict resolution at work and can be used to facilitate change within a team which is currently experiencing conflict. The course will involve some challenging self-awareness and skills work, small group practical exercises, games and mini role plays.


  • To understand what conflict is and how to spot it arising
  • Tackle conflict before it escalates
  • Recognise the causes of conflict and look to prevent it
  • Learn how to tackle conflict in a non-confrontational way
  • Understand the differences between informal and formal conflict and how best to handle this


  • Understand how and why conflict happens at work
  • Understand the significance, impact and costs of conflict to individuals, HR and the organisation
  • Appreciate that there are different types of conflict which need different approaches
  • Take a constructive, creative, collaborative approach to conflict – the three Cs
  • Raise confidence and skill level to handle difficult conversations
  • Understand how conflict management styles can contribute towards conflict
  • Know when it is appropriate and how to adapt communication style to prevent conflict
  • Develop skills, confidence and ability in managing and resolving conflict

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Benefits of Conflict Management Training


Our one-day course helps participants understand others’ working styles. Better communication within the workforce minimises tensions and issues in the first place so that conflicts can be kept under control.


An organisation with early resolution and prevention measures in place – i.e. managers nipping conflict in the bud straight away – leads to higher employee retention, engagement and motivation, and lower absenteeism levels.


When nipped in the bud at an earlier stage, conflict is far less costly to the business – as opposed to when legal and investigation costs are required. Effective conflict resolution can also prevent costs such as unauthorized absence and turnover.