Workplace training and capacity building is a direct way of increasing the value of your employees, who are the engine of business performance. A trained workforce is likely to present less risk and have higher morale, making for a beneficial investment.

Our capacity training courses can be selected 'off-the-shelf' or can follow the completion of our RTW Assessment, which acts as a thorough needs analysis to determine which learning interventions best suit your current needs and objectives.



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People Management Courses

Our People Management courses are suitable for both new and existing managers’ who line-manage people. From supervisors and team leaders, to more senior executives, our programmes equip participants with the knowledge, skills and behaviours to effectively manage people on a day to day basis in a personable yet efficient way.

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Conflict Management Courses

Conflict at work is a normal, natural consequence of the modern diverse workplace. Although the fact that conflict is normal, that does not always make it easy to resolve. The cost, risk and stress associated with unresolved conflict at work justifies the need to teach staff the skills to resolve conflict promptly and effectively.

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Culture & Cohesion Courses

Building a cohesive team is a never-ending process so it is important to not only be aware of your current team situation, but to also have the skills required to plan and implement a workforce cohesion strategy. Make sure your team is working well together to ensure your organisation reaches company goals effectively.

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