We Attended the Ethical Consumer Conference 2016 - Collaborating for Change

We attended the annual Ethical Consumer Conference on Friday 30th September, hosted by Ethical Consumer and it was terrific to be around so many like-minded people, who are striving for a common goal.

There were many speakers throughout the day, passionate about numerous ethical issues and projects, echoing matters that we fight for here at Responsible Trade Worldwide as well as many speakers who educated us on issues we don’t tend to come across. Paul Monaghan for example, from Fair Tax Mark, really opened our eyes on the severity of corporate tax avoidance.

However, what stood out most to us was the continued lack of and deliberate ignorance around supply chain transparency – especially considering the Modern Slavery Act is now in place. With motivating speakers including Fiona Gooch from Traidcraft, Colleen Theron from CLT envirolaw, Sarah Ditty from Fashion Revolution and Nathaniel Dyer from Global Witness, the event really enforced that transparency and disclosure cannot be achieved without collaboration and backing from us, the consumers.

It was a great way to lead onto this month especially since our theme for October is ‘Ethical Consumers’. We’ll be looking into the relationship between consumers, brands and the supply chain in 2016, and envisioning where it is headed in the future. Sign up to our newsletter to be kept informed or follow us on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn for regular ethical news updates.

Below we’ve depicted our stand-out quotes from the day. Enjoy!

Ethical Consumer Conference 2016 - Top Quotes