Modern Slavery: Britain and the Slave Trade - Past & Present (Infographic)

RTW 2016 Slavery Infographic final-01.png

Slavery existed as an industry for over 230 years. It represents a colossal stretch of world history. Since the Abolition of Slavery Act in 1865, gone are the African-American slaves in the cotton farms of the Deep South, the chain-gangs and the plantation workers.

But modern slavery and forced labour of the same gravity still exist today in every corner of the globe. And Britain is no exception.

After Theresa May’s recent vow to defeat modern slavery, we thought we’d produce a relevant infographic ‘Britain and the Slave Trade’ which exposes how the crime has evolved, peaked and slumped over time – including the influential and revolutionary milestones.

We welcome your comments on the alarming slave trade in Britain, what your prediction for modern slavery in 2017 is and what can be done to eradicate slavery once and for all.