Help fight modern slavery with these ethical Christmas gifts

Here are our top 10 picks for ethical gifts this Christmas that directly and indirectly help eradicate modern slavery:

Book: After Atlas by Emma Newman

What begins as a crime story evolves into a fascinating narrative exploring modern slavery, religion, and mental health. 

Arya Candles

These lovely hand-crafted candles made in Suffolk, not only use wax from sustainable, ethical sources, but the company sponsors women from war-torn countries with the sales of the candles - making them a perfect 'gift that gives' this Christmas.

Lush Charity Pot Hand & Body Lotion

Lush, a well-known high-street ethical company, have produced “an all-round body lotion that does a lot of good - and not just to your skin.” With every purchase of Charity Pot, Lush donate 100% of the price (minus the taxes) to small, grassroots organisations doing work in the areas of environmental conservation, animal welfare and human rights so that these companies can continue the incredible work that they do.

People Tree Clothing

People Tree, a pioneer in ethical and sustainable fashion for both men and women, partners with Fairtrade, garment workers, artisans and farmers in the developing world to produce clothes made with sustainable materials by people in safe and fair conditions.

“When you wear People Tree, you look good and feel good knowing your unique garment was made with respect for people and the planet.”

Fashion Revolution Fanzine

Always wondered how much garment workers actually get paid? Buy this limited edition fanzine MONEY FASHION POWER, which will reveal how much more you would pay for a $29 t-shirt, if a ‘living wage’ was paid to garment workers. 

Fairtrade Chocolate

How could we not mention chocolate on a gift guide? As we are all aware, chocolate is everywhere at this time of year. Everywhere. So when you’re out purchasing chocolate for yourself, your loved-ones, your colleagues etc. why not buy chocolate that makes a difference? Fairtrade is all about decent working conditions and fair terms of trade for farmers and workers around the world. So, when you can help to make a difference to the lives and futures of the cocoa farmers just by purchasing Fairtrade chocolate, why wouldn’t you?

Note: There are many brands that are Fairtrade certified, so don’t worry, you won’t be stuck for choice!


The use of unfair materials and poor working conditions for workers within the complex, far-spanning supply chain of creating a mobile phone is not uncommon, which is why Fairphone set out to make the first ethical phone on the market. The company aim to create positive social and environmental impact from the beginning to the end of a phone’s life cycle because a better phone is a phone made better.

“You shouldn’t have to choose between a great phone and a fair supply chain.”

Loup&Co Accessories

Every item purchased helps care for a child in need.

Jewellery, scarf, bag, throw… when you buy one item from Loup & Co. you provide one week of shelter, support and safety to a venerable child in Kenya, via their partner charity 'Rafiki Mwema'. Not only does the company do this, but all of the products offered at Loup&Co are also all ethically made, and wherever possible, are made in communities that need a hand-up.

Valerio Jewellery

“Jewellery is worn to beautify. There is no beauty in exploitation.”

Jewellery is always a great gift to give and receive at Christmas (and I’m sure some of you out there are considering popping the question), so why not consider gifting (or proposing with) a beautiful ring that has been made without any exploitation. Greg Valerio, the founder of the company that uses Fairtrade materials, aims to show that "grandeur for the rich doesn’t have to mean grit for the poor. Everyone should have a share of the beauty and bounty."

FAIR Spirits

Tis the season to be jolly, and we know how many of you like get jolly – alcohol. FAIR are an independent spirit brand, dedicated to producing high-quality spirits that have been sourced ethically and sustainably. The company stick to their ethos of treating people fairly by ensuring that all the people involved in creating their high-quality spirits, are treated equally. FAIR are also keen to source the very best ingredients for their products, and for an unusual twist than traditional brands with ingredients such as quinoa and acai. If you want to gift a bottle of alcohol that’s different and ethical, check out FAIR.

"Think human, drink FAIR"

Comment below with any other ethical gift suggestions!