We became aware of the issues faced within the retail industry by both brands and suppliers alike in early 2010 through a piece of training and consultancy work. It quickly became clear that there was a need for greater transparency throughout supply chains to identify the root causes of ongoing problems.

We were able to clearly identify frustrations with the ethical auditing process on the part of both retailers and suppliers, against a backdrop of poor insight into the workforce and concern over whether standards are being met. The universal appetite to improve current procedures led us to develop a tool and service that would make a genuine difference.


The RTW Assessment provides companies with a broader, more accurate view of their organisation by comparing and contrasting data captured from the worker with established business practices and metrics sourced through management. A 360 degree view of an organisation is formed, creating tangible figures and costs, highlighting areas of people and financial risk, alongside areas of excellence, producing a compelling business case for change.

Our customers can take responsibility for improving their people management practices and pro-actively uncover key people risks and opportunities, to reach both ethical and operational standards. For the retailer in particular, assurance of supply chain ethical compliance is a key part of mitigating reputational risk.

The RTW Service does not look to offer a right, wrong or risk targeting culture – our tools have been designed to empower organisations to take responsibility for their workforce by gaining greater transparency and insight into their practices and processes in a way they never have before.