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  • The RTW Assessment
    The RTW Assessment Find out more about our tool and how we add value to both the Retailer and the Supplier. Achieve greater transparency within your workplace.

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  • Report: Slavery in the UK
    Report: Slavery in the UK With slavery existing for over 200 years, just how free is the UK of slavery?

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  • Why Choose RTW
    Why Choose RTW Find out more about Responsible Trade Worldwide and our core set of values

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About Us

Responsible Trade Worldwide works collaboratively with brands and their supply chain to achieve ethical standards of practice, optimise workforce engagement and manage brand reputation. Our core set of values places people as the greatest value asset of an organisation.

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What we do

The RTW Service enables companies to achieve greater transparency around the working conditions within their organisation, and take a step from compliance to greater engagement by harnessing the worker voice, and find out what their workforce is really saying.

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RTW Service

Through our RTW Service we work with brands and suppliers to highlight areas of excellence, alongside areas of risk, ensuring a clear understanding of the current state, and the steps required to make a sustainable change via assessment, capacity building and consultancy.

RTW Assessment

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About Responsible Trade Worldwide

Responsible Trade Worldwide (RTW) assesses organisations and their supply chains to achieve ethical standards of practice, create sustainable business, improve supply chain management, manage brand reputation and optimise workforce productivity.

Our on and offline tools capture the worker voice across operational, sustainable business and people practices, producing industry-benchmarked data and actionable insight. Our customers rely on RTW Assessments to shine a light on the culture of a business in order to enable performance improvements, improve ethical standards, increase responsible sourcing and mitigate organisational risks.

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What we Do

Responsible Trade Worldwide has developed a tool which offers unique insight into global supply chains by capturing a top-down, bottom-up view of organisations via multi-lingual worker assessments, and metrics linked to employment practices and working conditions.

By engaging workers we increase their awareness and perception of the workplace, enabling them to feel comfortable and confident to confidentially, and anonymously share their thoughts, feelings and views about their employer, and the surroundings in which they work.

By comparing and contrasting data captured from the worker with established business practices and metrics sourced through management, a 360 degree view of an organisation is formed, creating tangible figures and costs, highlighting areas of people and financial risk, alongside areas of excellence, producing a compelling business case for change.

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